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Dr. Ian Weber from UK Converts to Islam

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Let’s find out why Dr Ian Weber converted to Islam. It is work and travel to Muslim countries. No wonder, when you come into contact with other peoples, you may find out that I share something with them, maybe a long time ago.

A Conversation with Ingrid Mattson

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In this Pennsylvania State University video, Ingrid Mattson, the first female president of the Islamic Society of North America, talks about converting to Islam and the need for understanding the Muslim community.

An 85 Year Old American Embracing Islam

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Enjoy watching the story of that old new Muslims whom Allah has blessed with guidance, and helped him find the truth in the religion of Islam.

World Converts to Islam 2010

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Enjoy watching this video that includes numerous people from different cultures and nationalities entering Islam gladly and with their own accord.

New Muslim Convert Gives Great Advice

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This is some great advice from James an 85 year old man who has been though war (war 2) and has seen many things in life. You are advised to pay close attention to what he has said.

American Christian Converted to Islam by Reading the Bible

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Enjoy watching this video of this American young man who was Christian but he decided to embrace Islam because of the mistakes and contradictions he found in the Bible.

How Did Suhaib Webb Embrace Islam?

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Webb was named one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center in 2010 and his website,, was voted the best “Blog of the Year” by the 2009 Brass Crescent awards.

Roman Catholic Convert to Islam

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Enjoy watching this video by the DeenShow with Eddie to know more about the great story of a Roman Catholic who accepted Islam. Do not miss it.

Why Are Hispanics Embracing Islam?

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A story about a Latino Puerto Rican who went from being a gang member and living the street life and then losing his close friends by the same gang and this making him think really hard about life.

Former Christian Shares His Experience in Islam

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In this video we have a former Christian, James, who accepted Islam a few years ago. In this show, by the DeenShow, James shares with us his experience and story of conversion to Islam as well as the challenges that faced him in that greatest decision.

Former Musician’s Road to Islam

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The guest of this show is a musician who sung for President Ronald Reagan and was a Professional Musician for over 40 years and he has a great story to to tell so your going to have to watch this show to find out the rest, this is great story you don't want to miss out on.

Former Bodyguard of a Heavyweight Champion Accepts Islam!!

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After discovering the truth, Neelain Muhammad converted from Christianity to Islam. Throughout his life Neelain has held many positions, from being the personal bodyguard of Muhammad Ali to a trained Martial-Artist. In this video Neelain discusses how he came to Islam and more!

Why Jorge Garcia Accepted Islam?

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In this video by the DeenShow, Eddie makes an interview with Jorge to find out why he chose Islam as his way of life and what was it about Islam that over took him and had him surrender and submit to the Creator of All.

A Christian Converts to Islam

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Our new convert or new-Muslim is Omar Carter who grew up with Christian parents who both were clergy members of the Church. At a young age he started asking serious questions about life and ended up taking a journey that is very interesting to hear.

Celebrities Are Coming to Islam!!

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The video is produced by the DeenShow. It is a dialogue with a man who was searching for the truth and like many found all the evidence pointing towards Islam.

Eric Mason, a Former Catholic Converts to Islam

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Eric Mason spent a great portion of his life in the Muslim world. After over 30 years of being in Saudi Arabia, Eric decided to turn to one of the largets religions in the world, Islam. In this video Eric tells his story of how he accepted Islam.

American Architect Accepts Islam

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Watch this video with and open heart and an open mind and if your sincerely looking for peace and purpose in life, this video will be your first step in attaining that true peace and purpose and at the end of it all the ultimate reward , Paradise.

From Christianity to Islam…Dr. Jimmy Jones

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What do you know about Dr. Jimmy Jones? How did he find his way into Islam? And how did he become an active prominent Imam and public lecturer and writer?

New Muslims Leave Islam Quickly: Why?

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There is a tremendous effort done currently in the field of Da`wah (call to Islam). Pleasantly, there is a great positive reaction to that call. However, the problem lies in the lack of the required care for the new convert.

Great Interview X Christian Minister

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In this episode, Former Youth Minister Joshua Evans tells us how he embraced Islam after in depth search of the Bible. Then, he advises those who criticize Islam to learn about Islam through its sources not through the orientalists writings.