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BBC – Islam’s Influence on Mathematics and Science

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This BBC documentary explores Islam's influence on Mathematics, and Science. Undeniably, Islam had a major influence on Europe and the world.

The Great British Islam

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Have you heard about the three men whose Islam shook the 19th century Victorian Britain? How and when did Islam reach Britain?

The Signs of Atheism Vs That of Theism

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Do we have the responsibility to wake our minds and search for the truth and what truth could we reach?

Islam in America: The Christian Truth

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This documentary clearly shows how Muslims on the ground are; how they are truly peace loving, responsible members of society who bring culture and beauty to the places where they live as well as jobs and economic empowerment.

Islam: Empire of Faith

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This documentary redresses the balance by showing the riches of Islamic culture and the vital role played by Islam in preserving and building upon ancient wisdom from East and West at a time when most of Europe was stumbling through the Dark Ages.

The Rise of Islam in Japan

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Watch this video to know more about the rise of Islam in Jaban, the East Asian country and how it’s practiced in the busy daily life schedule of Muslims.