Moses is one of Allah’s Messengers (peace be upon them) whom Allah sent to lead humanity to the way of guidance which Allah (Glory be to Him) has chosen for mankind. The Qu’ran teaches us that Moses is among Ulu Al-`Azm (the messengers who have spent the most enormous effort and suffered the greatest troubles in calling their people to the religion of Allah).

He is loved and respected.  God mentions him more than 120 times, and his story ranges across several chapters.  It is the longest and most detailed story of a prophet in the Qur’an and is discussed in elaborate detail.

There are lessons for humankind throughout the story of Moses, which are not only learnt after his prophethood; rather, they are found even when he was a newborn. His righteous mother’s behavior gives us numerous lessons that are relevant even today.  

Enjoy watching this precious video by Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan taking about the story of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him).




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