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Contextualizing the Life and Mission of Jesus

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By Editorial Staff What is the status of Jesus in Islam? What do Muslims believe about Jesus? Do Muslims love Jesus? What is the story of Jesus birth? Was Jesus crucified? Will Jesus come back? What is the stat...

10 Facts About Jesus

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By Editorial Staff How much do you about Jesus? How do Muslims believe about Jesus? Do Muslims love Jesus? Do Muslims honor Jesus's Mother, Lady Mary? How often is Mary mentioned in the Quran? How does the Q...

What Is the Message of Jesus?

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In less than 5 minutes, this video clarifies simply and concisely the truth about Jesus, is he God or the son of God?

Was Jesus Born on December 25?

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Watch this short video to know how Sheikh Ahmed Deedat explained that Christmas is not in December according to the Bible and the Qur'an.

The Descent of Jesus Christ

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Enjoy watching this video by Dr. Bilal Philips to know more about Jesus, his status in Islam, his crucifixion and his descent to the earth.

If Muhammad Was the Last Prophet, Why Will Jesus Return?

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Watch this video to know the answer given by Abdur-Raheem Green.

The Holy Trinity between the Sacred Texts and the Nicene Creed (Watch)

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While the Holy Trinity underlies the contemporary Christianity, we do not come across this doctrine in clear terms in the Bible, either in the Old Testament or the New Testament. So many people do not know that the H...