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How Did a Former Islamophobe EDL Member Convert to Islam?

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Did Kris believe in the trinity? What did Kris ask the Pope about? Did the Pope answer Kris' question? Watch this short video to know how brother Kris, a former Islamophobe EDL member, convert to Islam.

How Did Aishah Schwartz Find Her Way to Islam?

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Watch the Shahadah story of Aishah Schwartz as given in a talk at the 4th Annual NEMA (Native European Muslims Assembly (NEMA) Camp held in Tunisia, October 28-Nov. 3, 2012.

New Zealand Rugby Player, Ofa Tuungafasi, Converts to Islam

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After visiting the survivors of Christchurch mosque terrorist attack, the All Blacks rugby player, Ofa Tuungafasi, has converted to Islam. Watch this short video:

Yusuf Chamber’s Journey to Islam

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Yusuf Chambers was trapped in the darkness of his life. He was depressed and felt dead inside. He was searching for the truth, and truth freed him. Watch this video to know more about Yusuf Chamber's Journey to Islam.