How could we answer insulting questions about our religion and beloved Prophet (peace be upon him)? How could we reasonably face up to such distorted facts, embarrassing questions and mistaken beliefs?

In Islam, we have the truth and we have the proof. From this reality you build on your own knowledge about your religion as well as answer any questions and refute any misconception about the true religion of God.

Answering whatever questions with calmness, confidence and kindness is a responsibility, a duty towards your religion.

It’s every Muslim’s own responsibility to show the people the true image of Islam.

This is how to present the wisdom needed for your answer. Be honest, be sincere and be kind, and think carefully before answering. Don’t ever be intimidated by whatever questions or insults. Don’t back down or compromise concerning the facts, truths and beliefs of your religion. Watch out. Don’t get in the trap.

Drawing on the misconception regarding Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) marriage to Lady `A’ishah, Sheikh Yusuf Estes elaborates on how to answer such insulting questions that have always been a subject of attack and criticism against Islam.

He leans on true images from the prophet’s marital life with `A’ishah, the Mother of the Faithful, and the pure married love they shared.

Listen attentively.

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