Islam is the last religion revealed to the last of Prophets, Muhammad (peace be upon him). Since it’s emergence, Islam has been massively and multifariously encountered by some of those who felt that it demolished the thrones of despotism they have built. Thus, they sought to spread fallacies and misinterpret the facts of Islam to stop that Islamic flood that surged rapidly and spread vehemently.

In this video by the Deen Show, some of the most well known misconceptions about Islam are tackled. Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, the Director of the GainPeace Project, is showing the truth about such false claims and clear up the truth. 

It begins with the claim that the Qur’an is not the word of God, Allah (Glory be to Him), but from the Bible

Enjoy watching this video to know more about the source of the Qur’an, and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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