Have you read or even heard about ‘The Lies about Muhammad’? Why should every Muslim and non-Muslim read the book?

Two years of work has brought forth Imam Mustafa Zayed’s amazing book ‘The Lies about Muhammad’.

‘The Lies about Muhammad’ is an all-inclusive answer to Robert Spencer’s book “The Truth about Muhammad” which gives abhorrent misinformation and distorted images about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In the book Imam Mustafa Zayed, a well known American Muslim scholar, refutes the historical errors and allegations claimed by Spencer.

One hundred and fifty five allegations of all kinds about the Prophet have been counted and refuted in the book.

To those who don’t know about the Prophet, his characteristics and morals, and to those who give ear to outright fabrications, unreliable resources and illogical conclusions, the book is a distinct message.

Besides, the book is a reliable source for every Muslim to learn how to defend Islam, the true religion, and God’s last Prophet (peace be upon him).

Learn about the book; its message, significance and content straight from the author here…

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