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What’s our destination, slaves of Allah? When you aim high, you need to work hard to achieve your goal.

Choose your destination…

As for rest stops, they are intended for the traveler who typically gets fatigued, tired, and bored

The abode where one finds solace, security, and peace are those “houses which Allah has ordered to be to be raised to honor and that His name be mentioned therein”

Those who don’t know them are like those who die leaving nothing behind as if they have never been alive

Or like those who live with no purpose or meaning

As for the traveler, there must have been a destination

With no such destination a traveler is like a water wheel bull

Which aimlessly turns around the water wheel in such never-ending cycle

Or like a ship that has set sail with no destination

tossed by rough seas until it drowns with its people

So, what’s our destination, slaves of Allah? “A paradise as wide as are the heavens and the earth, prepared for the pious” (Aal `Imran 3:133)

When you aim high, you need to work hard to achieve your goal

Paradise is surrounded with difficulties, and who truly desires it have to overcome the difficulties

And those who, by Allah’s will, are meant for Paradise are granted rewards for such difficulties

It’s all about difficulties!

To find a pearl you have to dive deep into the ocean

And if someone desires to dwell in a garden of delight, let them know they have first, in this life, to pay its price

15 years of one’s nearly 100-year life span is spent in adolescence and immaturity

Then, 30 years after the seventieth year, if happened, are of weakness and inability

Sleeping, eating, and earning one’s bread are more than the half.

Yet, worship takes a little time of one’s life

Life is short, so make use of it, achieve your goals and be mindful

The Hereafter worth it. Doesn’t it?

He has failed, lost and regressed who purchased the delight of an hour for Paradise

This is ultimate transgression and humiliation. By Allah! There is no life but the life of the Hereafter

Where there’s certainty and contentment in the company of those who don’t harm or betray

Where so many delights and pleasures

Following one’s desires is the humiliation. I believe that there’s no pleasant end without overcoming hardships

The harder you work the more you have of it.

And excellent qualities need hard work

By Allah! It has never been given for a small price

Nor stagnate

It has been always there for whoever pays more

And the price is: doing one’s best

While idle people have come late, the devotees have hastened to pay whatever price

Until the commodity reaches a people whom He (Allah) loves and who love Him

They are humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers,

They have recognized the greatness, uniqueness and the rewards of what they have bought

And the exaltedness of He Who made the bargain

They have then recognized how they could have been deceived if they had sold it for a low price to anyone else

So, they have given Him the pledge of allegiance and mutual consent

So, their bargain would be profitable.

They, when young, sough with Allah honor and power

They have been granted it

It is the commodity of Allah, and it is enough! Allah’s commodity is precious

And it requires perseverance, effort, patience, sacrifice and trial

Those who stay clear from sins will get their desires fulfilled, and those who follow their personal pleasures will certainly regret for it

O Commodity of Allah!  You are not low-priced, you are just beyond the reach of the sluggard

O Commodity of Allah!  Only one of a thousand may reach you!

O Commodity of Allah!  Where are the purchasers while you’re still at hand!

O Commodity of Allah! Is there any trader? In worldly life the price is still affordable!

O Commodity of Allah! Unless you are surrounded with all kinds of undesirable things

No one will stay away from you, and there will be no second life of Judgment!

But it is surrounded with all kinds of disliked undesirable things becoming beyond the reach of the laggard

But it is within reach of those seeking closeness to the Exalted and by His permission

So, work hard for your Hereafter! Work hard for your Hereafter and you will find results

Comfort is only found on the Last Day

Come towards gardens of perpetual bliss! Such are our true destinations and the place of comfort.

And come towards the meadows of the Garden, and come towards a living where no weariness affects us

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