Deviation in Western Countries (Part 1)

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Australia is a continent with 18 million persons, with unimaginable natural beauty unimaginable rich sources. Yet, about 50 of every 100 Australians are atheist and the remaining 50% are deviants.

Deviation in Western Countries (Part 1)

When I was in Australia; a country; a continent that includes one country

A continent with 18 million persons, with unimaginable natural beauty

I visited it five times. It a country with unimaginable rich sources that you won’t find anywhere

Its soil is one hundred-years-old that the size of the fruits is unprecedented

It has a low population. Once before leaving the country, the president of a Muslim community there came to see me off

and literally said to me: “Tell our brothers in the Levant

that the waste-yards of the Levant are better than the gardens of Australia” …literally

This statement gave me quite a shock

I asked him to explain; he said: “I mean children in Australia

about 50 of every 100 are atheist and the remaining 50% are deviants

Believe it or not. I don’t generalize for sure.

Generalization is a form of ignorance. The vast majority doesn’t mean the whole

There must be disciplined people. I then remembered the positive things in my country

Our countries – in other words, the Middle East,

When one is accustomed to something, they don’t worry about it

Sometimes one may be away from his house for months and doesn’t think for one second

for one second that unrelated man had visited his house

I once asked someone living in a depraved country: in this 5 km long street,

how many cases of adultery are there? He replied: “70%” while in our countries there’s not even 1 per 1000

These are positives. We have sound families with responsible parents

I remember when one of my honorable brothers was in Paris

He saw a young man sitting on the Seine river coast, sunk in thought

Wanted to test his French, my brother asked him: “What are you thinking about?”

The answer was shocking: “Killing my father”. He was unbelievably appalled

He asked him: “Why?” “He stole my girl” he said

I then remembered- By Allah! I’m not exaggerating, those one hundred thousand people –who sold their houses in Damascus

to buy 5 houses in the country side instead, in order to marry off all his children

We have positive things in our life, we have principles and values

These all are remnants …remnants of chivalry, remnants of mercy, remnants of justice

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