How an American Jewish Converted to Islam

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Enjoy watching this video from the Deen Show by Eddie to know the conversion story of an american Jewish who chose Islam as his religion and way of life.

By Editorial Staff

The truth is the most precious thing that one may finally obtain whatever it costs of hardships. Our today story pertains to someone who spent a great deal of his life in search for the true religion, which he finally found in Islam. Our guest is an American who was first a Jewish but he was unconvinced with its beliefs and commands, so he looked for another religion that can answer his questions and persuades his logic. From Judaism to Islam, it was a long journey of numerous trips and hindrances.

However, as we talk about religious conversion from a divine religion to another, there is an importance thing I would like to shed light on. Someone may say that Muslims always confirm their respect to the divine religions, whether Christianity or Judaism, but why Muslims are keen to convert people from these respected religions to their one, does not this look conflicting?

This misconception is actually posed by many people, who are keen about religions, but the fact that it is not a misconception but rather a proof to the authentic and pure commandments that Islam preached. In brief, Islam declares full respect to all Prophets and Messengers of Allah (peace be upon them) including Ibrahim (Abraham), Is-haq (Isaac), Ya`qub (Jacob), Musa (Moses), `Isa (Jesus) and other Prophets (peace be upon them all). They are Allah’s chosen ones who were entrusted with conveying God’s message to people. Yet, Islam has confirmed in the Qur’an that the commands and scriptures of these Prophets have been subject to great distortion and misinterpretation at the hands of their followers. That perversion came over most of the sides of these religions, such as the beliefs, rituals, ethics and values. Almighty Allah says,

Do you covet [the hope, O believers], that they would believe for you while a party of them used to hear the words of Allah and then distort the Torah after they had understood it while they were knowing? (Al-Baqarah 2:75)

So for their breaking of the covenant We cursed them and made their hearts hard. They distort words from their [proper] usages and have forgotten a portion of that of which they were reminded. And you will still observe deceit among them, except a few of them. But pardon them and overlook [their misdeeds]. Indeed, Allah loves the doers of good. (Al-Ma’idah 5:13)

This falsification is the responsible factor for the millions of converts who forsake these religions to Islam or anything else because they find clear and abundant conflicting and complicated beliefs and orders that they could not swallow.

Enjoy watching this video from the Deen Show by Eddie to know the conversion story of this ex-Jew who converted to Islam and accepted it as way of life.


Source: Taken with kind permission from The Deen Show Youtube Channel

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