How to Lead an Ideal Islamic Life

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Enjoy watching this video produced by IPC (lslam Presentation Committee) on how to lead an ideal Islamic life.

Family is the cornerstone of community which determines its strength and stability. It formulates the basis and measure of community’s development and culture. Therefore, it must be put within a powerful stronghold of values and ethics to defend it against encroachment and demolition. Islam laid down a system of values and regulations that orders a Muslim’s life in general and organizes the relationship between the family members. Islam put specific rights and duties for everyone towards the other and tuned the rights of parents and children.

In this regard, Sheikh Sh. Yusha Evans, a lecturer and caller to Islam from Greenville, South Carolina, talks about the Islamic values for the family and life in general

Enjoy watching this video produced by IPC (lslam Presentation Committee) on how to Lead an Ideal Islamic Life.


Source: Islam Presentation Committee channel on Youtube

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