What Is Islam?

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The teachings of Islam, they are as relevant today as they were 1400 years ago. In fact, Islam has all of the answers and solutions to all of our contemporary problems.

Majed Ayoub:

There are so many people who do not know anything about Islam. They do not know what it means. They have so many questions like, “Where did it come from?” “Is it something new?”

Uthman Ali:

Why Majid? What we should all know is that Islam is a universal religion which was prescribed by God for all of mankind. It was revealed 1400 years ago in the land of Arabia, the very land where we are setting now enjoying this fire with this coffee that we have here. It came and was sent around a profound message. But, this message is not something new. Islam is a relatively young religion compared to other religions but the essence of its teachings is a continuation of a message which was propagated by the first man that set foot on this earth, Prophet Adam (peace be upon him). This message continued on with all the other Prophets –Noah, Moses, Jesus and then in the end the final messenger Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The message was a plain and simple one; worship God, One in His Oneness Alone and not to associate any partners with Him.

Anas Gaspar:

Yes, Islam is not named after Prophet or saint. Instead, it is name which was chosen by God, the Almighty. Linguistically, it has a deep set of meanings encompassed to one word. These meanings include submission, surrender, obedience, sincerity and peace.

Uthman Ali:

Islam is not just a belief system based on academic learning. In fact, it is all much more than that. It is a comprehensive and practical religion providing a complete way of life. Also, from a spiritual perspective, Islam helps us to understand who we are, why we are here and what are our purposes?

Islam, also, teaches us, helps us to understand and helps us to prepare for what will happen to us when we die.

Anas Gaspar:

Islam, when it first revealed, it was literally a liberation for the people against oppression, the oppression of the rulers and the beliefs that they imposed upon the people. I mean, here, the message was clear. It was fighting racism, it was fighting injustice towards women, it was giving the rights to the orphans, and it was dealing with equal opportunities for everyone, as Muslims we all are equal.

Uthman Ali:

Ya, you can imagine the advent of Islam must have been a beautiful thing for the people. It promoted truth, justice, peace, love and equality. It is of no surprise then that the message of Islam spreads so rapidly across the world. It reached the far reaches of western China, across Northern Africa and Southern Europe, even reached as far as Portugal, your country Anas.

You find up until this day, you have people coming from the rich, the poor, the young, the old, the black, the white, American, European, different social classes, and different religions. People are coming into the religion in that thousands because it is a message for all of mankind.

Anas Gaspar:

The teachings of Islam, they are as relevant today as they were 1400 years ago. In fact, Islam has all of the answers and solutions to all of our contemporary problems. Take for example the oppressive nature of the modern banking system. Islam presents a healthy alternative with its economic social welfare system, which provides an honest, fair, and healthy model for the creation and distribution of wealth.

Uthman Ali:

It is such a shame that is not well known or so misunderstood today. I mean the Islamic way of life, it is so pure and wholesome, and has so much more to offer. When looking at the divine teachings, you will find that they are the source of spiritual comfort, morality and guidance.

Majed Ayoub:

So guys, we must remember that God only guides those who want to be guided. So, we must ask God sincerely to be guided. So, He grants us with eternal happiness.

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Source: Majed Ayoub’s Youtube Channel

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