She Removed Her Veil in the Plane

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It happens to be true that for Muslim communities, unconsciously and unintentionally, Islam is just geographical and seasonal

She removed her veil in the plane...

Bitter truth is better than a thousand sweet lies

It happens to be true that for Muslim communities, unconsciously and unintentionally,

Islam is just geographical and seasonal

Once I was in Saudi Arabia,

I saw a woman taking her entire hijab off after boarding the plane

As if the hijab is obligatory only in specific places

this is geographical Islam

And another thing, once Ramadan ends, some people go back to their old ways of living

From these two behaviors I perceive that Islam is misunderstood by some people

Making it a seasonal religion just in Ramadan, and a geographical religion just in a specific place

Islam is Islam, in every place, and at all times

The way of Allah is complete and comprehensive everywhere, and at all times

So when one’s nature and path change according to the places they go

It is not Islam, it is benefit; the religion is associated with benefits, and this is a critical issue

As Islam is an inclusive way of life beginning from conjugal relations, and ending with international relations

To be applied anywhere and at all times  in the world; this is what we mean by ‘a way of life’

Still, it is not prohibited in any way for someone to elevate their worship in a specific place

Not to do away with it outside this place

Not to turn back on your heels after Ramadan; lying, backbiting, and turning away from the straight path

Sill, there’re seasons for heightened worship like the season of Hajj

Ramadan is another season,  so it’s not prohibited to engage in increased acts of worship in Ramadan season or Hajj season

But to abandon acts of worship after Ramadan means I’m uncommitted person doing whatever I wish

With no code or controls, and this is no way possible, and this is what has weakened Muslims

The highest month of worship in Islam has become a month of TV dramas and soap operas

Dear brother, this is a very critical issue

The pitfall of this soap opera is not sensual scenes

More dangerously, presenting values contradict to religious values

Man has  limits; zina is forbidden, wine is forbidden

These are all limits, this soap opera offends against your limits

You may find a wealthy man who having two or three cars, high social status

A beach house, a mountain house,  a household in the state capital with a bar

This bar violated all his religious beliefs

Wine is haram, gender-mixed meetings, women who are naked even though they are wearing clothes,

The pitfall of this soap opera is not sensual scenes – these are the least dangerous compared to anti-religious values

the soap opera offends against man’s limits

The soap opera is forbidden but some people are easy about it though

I don’t  criticize those people, but true success is this month of Ramadan

Turning away from sins in Ramadan should continue after Ramadan

Not to turn back on your heels


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