Story of a Man Who Got a Fortune

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I will tell you the story of a man who gained fortune overnight. He was the executer of an orphan's money; big money. He was an unfaithful executer; he....

I will tell you the story of a man who got a fortune…

There was a man who gained fortune overnight

He was the executer of an orphan’s money; big money

He was an unfaithful executer; he transferred all the money to his account before moving to the USA

He stayed there for fifteen years investing the money of the orphan— and made hundreds of millions

While the orphan lived with his mother having no money at all

After these fifteen years he returned home as he built a palace-like house

With theaters, swimming pools, racetracks; a palatial house

He became a billionaire. He drove his luxury car to the  airport to pick up someone

His four children were with him in the car. The car crashed and he together with his wife and four children died in the crash

And this orphan was the only heir to an enormous wealth

Allah has power over all things –I mean man may have a few options on the one issue

Whilst Allah, the Creator of the universes, have millions of option

Every dollar he earned over the fifteen years had come back to the orphan

“Allah if Great”- I can’t get enough of this word

You may lose all your money in in literally a second

Allah can cause you enemy to be of service to you- your enemy!

He can cause the closest person to you to abandon you

Having a strong relationship with Allah is what we all must strive for


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