Supplication: The Greatest Weapon of A Believer

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The greatest weapon a believer has is supplication. Never ask human your needs, rather ask the one whose doors are never closed.


Finally, life under the shadow of the creed taught me that

The greatest weapon a believer has is supplication

Arrows of the night never miss their targets, rather they have a time that must reach an end

Never ask human your needs, rather ask the one whose doors are never closed

Allah gets angry when you don’t ask him, and human gets angry when you ask them for something

A great weapon, that believers overlooked

If Allah wills, no one will be lost with it

It’s supplication, and seeking the refuge of the lord of earth and heaven

“And your Lord says, “Call upon Me; I will respond to you” (Ghafir: 60)

“And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near” (Al-Baqarah: 186)

Ibn-kathir (may Allah have mercy upon him) says:

Baqy bin Mekhlid who was one of the righteous, humble and pious people

A righteous woman came to him and said: O Baqy, my son was captured by enemies in the land of Andalusia

And beside Allah, I have no one to look after me but my son, so ask Allah to bring me back my son,

And to free him from his prison, so he went and made ablution

And raised his hands towards the most generous, who is shy to let his servant returns with empty hands, exalted be he

And supplicated to Allah the Almighty to free her son, and to reunite her with her son

And to unshackle him, after several days her son came from Andalusia

His mother asked: what had happened? He said: on a specific day in a specific hour

Which was the exact hour when Baqy supplicated

The chains dropped of my feet, they brought them back, but they drooped again, they welded them but they dropped again

They were panic, and astonished, they were afraid and set me free

she said: then I knew that it was because of the supplication of this righteous servant

“Is He [not best] who responds to the desperate one when he calls upon Him” (Al-Naml: 62)

Supplication is worship

Sila bin Ashiam was in a battle and his horse died

Then he looked on his left and right, and said: O Allah don’t make me owe favor for anyone

As I’m shy of asking anyone a favor but you, Allah knew that he was sincere in prosperity and hardship

So, Allah resurrected his horse, and he rode it until he reached his family

Then he said to his servant: Untie the saddle, this horse is borrowed

He untied the saddle, and then the horse collapsed

No wonder

Whoever trusts Allah, and seeks the refuge of Allah, Allah will protect him, and answer his supplication

Even if heavens and earth plotted against him, Allah will made and exit for him

Once again, if matters were complicated, and life went hard

And when supporters are view, and corruption is prevailed, when transgression is supported, and truth is fought against

And when the closefisted mocks the generous, and the ignorant mocks the eloquent, and darkness mocks the sun

And lands bragged over skies with ignorance, and stones boasted over stars

And every coward speaks arrogantly, and faithful ones abandon, and when naïve ones are raised

When traitors pretend to be loyal, and illiterate speaks, and when the monkey becomes a lion

When sheep are lost, raise your hands to the one who says: “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” [Al-Ghaffir: 60]

O you who answered the supplication of Noah and then he was triumphed, and carried him in a laden ship

O you who turned fire surrounding your friend (Ibrahim) into coolness and safety by saying be “to fire”

O you who ordered the whale to throw Yunus on the shore and covered him with a gourd vine

O my lord, we are in hardships like him, so have mercy upon servants who are in the same hardship as Younus.


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