The Best Time for Reading the Qur’an

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What is the best time for reading the Qur'an? What is the best duration for recitation of the whole Qur'an? How can I devote some of my time to the Qur'an?

What is the best duration for Recitation of the whole Qur’an?

The consensus of the Salaf are saying that the best way that is practical is to complete reciting the whole Qur’an every week.

Which is easy for whom Allah granted success.

I ask Allah, to grant me and you this ability.

The longest duration that a person should have to recite the whole of the Qur’an is in a month.

Some scholars extended it to 40 days

Al Qurtoby says 40 days is the duration for the people of low spirit

Or something like that, we ask Allah for aid

If we think about our conditions, and the conditions of some people today

He recites the whole of the Qur’an only in Ramadan!

With what excuse? I’m busy!

There no god but Allah

What kind of work that keeps you busy from reading the words of Allah the Almighty…?!

Ans keeps you from reciting the whole of it in a period of month?

Brothers, do you know how much does it take you to finish a portion of the Qur’an?

For usual recitation, it takes you no more than third of an hour, 20 minutes

There are 1440 minutes in a day

Can’t you find 20 minutes to recite the Qur’an

Some people keep saying I’m busy, I’m busy!

Till when?

You are a slave in this life

O my brother will you fill your next life’s book

By Allah, the provision that you are running after is within the hands of the One Who revealed this Book.

It is within the hands of whom you are whispering to, and recites his words

Let this world not to overpower you

We all strive in this land, and work hard to seek provision, which is something required

But we mustn’t be slaves to this life

And it mustn’t distract us to the extent that a month passes for some of us without reciting the whole of the book of Allah the Almighty

My brothers, this matter is very easy, by Allah it is very easy for whom Allah the Almighty make it easy for

But it needs determination, and habituate oneself to

Then it will become like an addiction

The day that passes without reading something from the book of Allah

You will feel that it is a black day for you

A day in which your heart darkens

I swear by Allah, if you observe reading the Qur’an in your day, you will accomplish many works, which you wouldn’t accomplish in days

Observing reading the Qur’an is one of the greatest reasons for granting blessing in time

It is because we were short in giving attention to the Qura’n our times are empty of blessing.

That’s why I advise those who are seeking religious knowledge,

It is very good to devote some of your time for Qur’an at the start of your day.


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