The Real Reason of Calamities

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If Allah afflicts one with calamities like poverty, earthquakes or storms or mass poverty, what could alleviate them? How can they feel content with Allah?

Dear guest, how  would a person whose legs are broken be consent with the decree of Allah?

  • I shall give you the example of a child who has a dental-pain and whom we would try to medicate through tooth extraction.

Surely, he would cry deeply unlike old people who may not cry.

However, too old man may not take an anesthetic because it does not suit him

We may only tell him, “please bear this”. He may hold a chair out of pain to bear it.

He may not object to this due to his knowledge of the case. Likewise, knowledge helps you to have contentment.

A child may cry but an old man may not although both have the same great pain!

Too old man may not take an anesthetic because it may harm him!

Therefore, knowledge brings contentment.

Another example of a father who beats his child in the street

Although, he is a father who bears mercy in his heart,

he may be doing so because the child is stealing money from others.

Beating him, the father teaches him a lesson through painful beating to discourage him from doing so in the future.

If Allah afflicts you with calamities like poverty, earthquakes or storms or mass poverty

Although a person may have problems with health, but the knowledge of Allah’s contentment with him, may alleviate them.

Those people (having patience in calamities) are whom Allah is pleased with and they are pleased with Him. A person asked Allah “O my God whom among your worshipers you love much?

Then he was inspired in his heart that, “The most loved among my worshipers is the

One who has a pious heart and pure hands (abandoning taking prohibited things); the one who does not harm others; the one who loved me and loved whom I loved and made my creatures love me”.

He said, “O my God! You surely know that I love you and love whom you love. So how could I make people love you?

God replied, “Remind them of my blessings, favor and calamities”.

It means that you should remind them of my blessings so that they may glorify me and my favor so that they may love me

And my calamities so that they may fear me”.

In other words, the believer’s heart should combine both glorifying Allah and fear of him.

Having only love Allah is not enough, because it leads to negligence.

The case is delicate. One should love Him equally like he fears him.

Or fear him equally like he loves him.

One should have equal Love and fear of the Creator.

  • This is the responsibility of the father, teacher and one in authority.

Those who are around you should fear you equally as they love you or love you equally as they fear you.

Scare is too easy because all tyrants may do it.

But when a tyrant dies, his teachings die!

And, on the contrary, weak people may not  scare others!

Love only, however, may not be enough!


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