What Waiting the Believer

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Allah (Exalted be He) told that the people of the right path will be granted His favor before they approach the final moment of their life.

What Waiting the Believer…

Allah (Exalted be He) told that the people of the right path will be granted His favor before they approach the final moment of their life.

 “Indeed, those who have said, “Our Lord is Allah” and then remained on a right path.” (Fussilat 41:30) They have applied their steadfastness both in words and deeds.

They said, “Our Lord is Allah” and then remained on a right path.” (Fussilat 41:30)

They remained on the right path by doing good deeds seeking the pleasure of Allah.

“The angels will descend upon them.” Because of their high status in the sight of Allah, the angels, by Allah’s command, will descend on them at the time of their death.

The angels will descend upon them as they’ve left this life going to the Hereafter.

At this moment when the unbeliever sees the truth,

one looks at only two things;

the first is looking ahead, and the second is looking backward.

If he looks ahead, fear comes upon him.

If he looks backward, he grieves.

By looking back, one sees his sons and daughters, his weak offspring he has left behind;

his wives/husbands, his clan, and his kindred.

He looks at them with a torn heart; a heart full of sadness.

And by looking ahead, one sees a world different from the world he lived.

One will see a place he hadn’t been to before. One will experience a journey of no return.

At this one-way travel, one will get frightened not knowing

if he is heading for a mercy or a punishment!

Is he heading for a garden, for rest and bounty, or for a hellfire, for the wrath of the Judge?

At this moment, Allah reveals upon His angels to tell him: “Fear not”

“Fear not” means {do not fear death and what will come after it.)

“Nor be grieved” means (do not be sad for any family or children that you have left behind.)

That’s why Allah says: “And as for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city, and there was beneath it a treasure for them.” (Al-Kahf 18:82)

“And their father had been righteous”, i.e. their father spent his life in full obedience to Allah the Almighty.

Some scholars maintain that it was their seventh grandfather who had been righteous.

Allah commemorates the seventh offspring by this righteous man!

Allah commemorates this offspring by what? First, by His grace,

then by the righteousness of the grandfather.

So, one will see how loving, generous and well-pleased Allah is

from the first moment of the Afterlife,

from the first moment after burial by seeing the pleasures of the Hereafter and the first signs of mercy,

At this very moment, if one is given a choice between staying in the Hereafter or returning back to their family, he will choose the Hereafter.

A lot of people fear death.

But if the believer learns about the mercies Allah has for us

and the rewards of living the life of obedience, their longing for that will override their longing for their family and children.

Hence, how great is the reward! How great is the profit! And how great the attainment is for those who lay in their graves as a result of their obedience to Allah.

In authentic hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) tells us that the two angels will ask the slave the three questions that will affirm his faith;

He will be asked about his Lord, his religion, and his prophet (peace be upon him). Then the Angels will say to the righteous person “Sleep in peace”.

He will “sleep in peace” because Allah made him righteous in his life and this is the best end in their grave.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) says: “a gate of Paradise opens for him so some of its air and perfume will come to him.”

He then would say: “O Lord! Let the Lase Hour come! Let the Lase Hour come!” This is because he sees the pleasure waiting for him.

In another hadith in the Musnad of Imam Ahmad (may Allah have mercy on him) it is reported that after the angel says to him “sleep in peace”,

there comes down to him from heaven an angel with beautiful face. The righteous dead slave asks him “who are you?”

“Who are you as your face is that of goodness and brings nothing but goodness!”

He replies “I’m your righteous deeds. I’m your night prayer and your fasting.”

Therefore, when the righteous believer performs an optional rakah in which he would stand for a long time and he would feel bored with his obedience to Allah,


Those are the rewards and outcomes of spending this life in obeying Allah.

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