Why Is Islam Always on Defense?

Added by on 29/08/2013

The sense of being always attacked is problematic in itself and has negative effects. We should be effective participants in the community by contributing to its power and success.

In this video, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and others reply to this question: why is Islam always seen on defense?

Sheikh Abu `Ammar  explains that this issue is related to the global attacks directed to Islam but this is not the reality of Islam or the state on which a Muslim should appear.

Dr. Ingrid Mattson maintains that the sense of being always attacked is problematic in itself and we should be mindful about the negative effects of this sense. Dr. Mattson says that we have a lot for our communities and we should contribute to the success of the community. We should give solutions and present useful projects and be effective members in our communities.

Imam `Abdul-Rahman Khan states that one should give no attention to the number of attacks launched against Islam. Rather, one should keep steadfast to religion and call others to its noble principles.



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