Why Is There a Day of Judgment?

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Why is there a Day of Judgment? Why is man Allah’s chosen creature? What are the potentials Allah has given him to be His best creature?

Why is there a Day of Judgment?

In this episode we will begin with Allah’s saying:

“Then be ever fearful of a Day (Hereafter) when no soul shall indemnify any other soul against anything (from God). Nor shall any intercession be accepted from it (for its salvation). Nor shall any compensation be taken from it (in atonement for its sins). Nor shall they (who have disbelieved) ever be helped (against God’s Judgment).” (Al-Baqarah 2:48)

Why is the Day of Judgment, i.e. the Day of Resurrection for?

The clear truth is that man is Allah’s chosen creature.

Why? Because Allah first created all creatures as souls before fashioning them

All creatures have gone out eternally before time began. Supports this Allah’s saying:

“Indeed, We did offer the trust (of volitional faith) to the heavens and the earth and the mountains. But they refused to bear it.” (Al-Ahzab 33:72)

The heavens, the earth, and the mountains are all terms refer to the universe which is nothing but Allah

“But they refused to bear it and were fearful of it. Yet the human being bore it, (but could not uphold it)” (Al-Ahzab 33:72)

Man is the creature who dare to bear the trust saying, I’m worthy of it

Accepting responsibility, man has been considered the best among Allah creatures

Based on that position, he has been charged with tasks

He has been commanded to worship Allah. Allah says, “And (know that) I have not created (either) jinn or human beings (for any other end) but to (know and) worship Me (alone). (Adh-Dhariyat 51:56)

Allah has commanded man to worship Him and has given him the potentials for this charge

What are these potentials? The universe is the first evidence for the existence of God; for His  Oneness, and perfection.

Man has been provided with desires; without controlling them they cannot draw nearer to Lord of earth and heavens

He has given him freedom. So whoever wills, let him believe! And whoever wills, let him disbelieve!

“Indeed, it is We (alone) who have shown him the way to be either thankful or ungrateful.” (Al-Insan 76:3)

He has given him mind. So, the universe, the mind, desires and freedom are the potentials of being held accountable

Allah has commanded man to worship Him and has made him the foremost creature in this life and in the Hereafter

He has given him mind; the most important of these potentials.

Allah has given him soul, desires and freedom all of them are the basis for accountability

We have been originally created for Paradise. However, there is a price to pay for Paradise

We have been sent  to this world to pay that price

“Enter the Garden (of Paradise) for all (the good) that you have been doing in the world.” (An-Nahl 16:32) Yes

For example, you may see a very rich man who has ten boys

He gives every one of them a house, a car, and marries them off

However, whoever of you earns a PhD from a highly developed country, I will give them half my factory.

Such ambitious son who said, I’m worthy of trust when he goes abroad to earn a doctoral degree from a European university

he may degenerates into self-indulgence, losing everything

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