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Don’t Be Impatient about the Answer of Du`aa’

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Allah answered the du`aa’ of the worst of His creation, so one shouldn’t lose hope of getting Allah’s answer to their du`aa’

The Danger of Debt

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The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) asked Allah to settle the debt for him. He (peace be upon him) even used to ask Allah a lot for this.

The Real Reason of Calamities

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If Allah afflicts one with calamities like poverty, earthquakes or storms or mass poverty, what could alleviate them? How can they feel content with Allah?

Does Poverty Cause Crime?

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Some people believe that poverty and difficult social conditions are the root causes of crime. Does poverty cause crime?

Stop Believing in Fables and Myths

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ِ A large number of Muslims worldwide believe in lies, fables and myths.Even some Holders of bachelor degrees and cultured people believe in that.

Affliction Is Our Destiny: Tests of Life

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Misconceptions, trials and calamities have become inescapable. The most accurate explanation of this is that the unshakable faith is only strengthened by challenges

The Real Reasons Behind Problems in Our Life

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What are the real reasons behind problems in our life? Why do believers suffer? if Allah gives someone money, does it necessarily mean He loves them?

Why Muslims Don’t Eat Pork?

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Why does Islam prohibit Muslims from eating pork? Does Christianity prohibit eating pork? Does Judaism prohibit eating pork? Does Hinduism prohibit eating pork? Watch…

Why Do Muslims Kill Animals for Food?

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Enjoy watching this video to know more about the Islamic stance regarding the vegetarian food system and how Islam considers the issue of food in general.

Islam: The True Way to Peace and Paradise

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Enjoy watching this video by Sheikh Bilal Philips with the DeenShow program taking about the true way to peace in the worldly life and Paradise in the Hereafter.

Was Islam Spread by the Sword?

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The question "Was Islam Spread by The Sword?" was answered by Dr. Zakir Naik in the following points:

What Does Islam Say about Dealing with Non-Muslims?

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Does Islam prohibit Muslims from dealing with or befriending non-Muslims; Jews or Christians? Isn't there a verse in the Qur’an telling Muslims not to take Jews or Christians as friends? If not enmity and hate, what does this mean and promote then?

How Does Islam View Suicide?

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By Editorial Staff There is a warning against suicide in the Quran. We read in the Quran what means: And do not kill yourselves [or one another]. Indeed, Allah is to you ever Merciful. (An-Nisaa' 4:29) …And do not ...

Islam and Slavery

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Enjoy watching this video that sheds light on the issue of slavery and gives you a better understanding of how slaves were treated in the time of the Prophet.

What Is the Purpose of Life?

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In this video, Sheikh Sh. Yusha Evans, a lecturer and caller to Islam from Greenville, South Carolina, talks about the source of the universe, how it came to existence and the purpose of life.

The Whys Behind ‘The Lies about Muhammad’

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Have you read or even heard about ‘The Lies about Muhammad’? Why should every Muslim and non-Muslim read the book “The Lies about Muhammad’?

Does Islam Justify Violence?

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Doesn’t the Qur’an talk about fighting, killing disbelievers? What does this mean? Isn’t this wrong-doing? Why then does Islam promote it? Nouman Ali Khan answers here...

Story of the Prophet’s Marriage to Lady `A’ishah

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The Prophet had a lot of enemies but they did not say that he was a child molester. Why? Did they forget? Would it have been an excellent way to damage his image? Ye, they never used it because it was normal to marry girls at that age at that time.

Why Is Islam Always on Defense?

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The sense of being always attacked is problematic in itself and has negative effects. We should be effective participants in the community by contributing to its power and success.

Islam Responds to Boston Bombing

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How do we, Muslims, see the Boston bombing? What’s our response to such tragic event? What does Islam say about such horrible events?