What does Islam say about the Afterlife? What belief did the pre-Islam Arabs have about Afterlife and how did the Qur’an deal with their concept?

The Arabs did not believe in the afterlife. They said: ‘We live and we die and nothing kills us but time’.

They exclaimed: ‘And will we be decayed bones, dust in the earth and brought back to life?!’ and ironically asked:

Who will revive these bones when they have rotted away? (Ya-Sin 36:78)

The Qur’an answers them:

He will revive them Who produced them at the first, for He is Knower of every creation, Who has appointed for you fire from the green tree, and behold! Ye kindle from it. (Ya-Sin 36:79-80)

The Qur’an declares:

Is not He Who created the heavens and the earth Able to create the like of them? Aye, that He is! For He is the All-Wise Creator, (Ya-Sin 36:81)

The one who brought them to life the first time, He will do it the second time, the Qur’an says:

We did create you at the first time, (Al-An`am 6:94)

The commentators say the second time around is always easier. If it was done once, it can be done again.

Watch the captivating talk below where Sheikh Hamza elaborately reflects on the issue:


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