Do Not Exaggerate the Worries of this World

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 If an affair of this world’s is not obtainable for you beware of letting the Satan trick you. Do not exaggerate the worries of this world.

If an affair of this world’s is not obtainable for you beware of letting the Satan trick you. Do not exaggerate the worries of this world.

Make the Hereafter your principal concern and the ultimate limit of your knowledge

May Allah reward you

Sheikh ..

Someone asks: “I am a young man, and I have proposed to many girls, but their families refused to marry me for no reason.”

“and I feel earth had compressed, so, please, ask Allah to make it easy for me, may Allah reward you.”

My brother, don’t let this lead you to despair

as you may ask for a wife, or for a job, a car, or land and property

yet Allah, All-Knowing, the All-Wise, averts you from it, by his wisdom and knowledge

“And Allah Knows, while you know not” (Al-Baqarah 2:216)

and you may desire a woman while from her come misery and calamities

and you may see woman as the most beautiful thing you have ever seen

while there is no good in her offspring

and you may like a woman

while there is misery and agony in marrying her

so Allah keeps you away from evil and calamities without your being aware of it.

whether or not you are aware of it,

hope only good  from Allah

the righteous used to think positively of Allah and keep trust in Him wherever they asked Allah of any good relating to this life and their du`aa’ hadn’t been answered

as the compensation and reward from Allah mostly come after one’s good work and persistence

he may search for a job, searching and searching to no avail

that he says: ‘the earth closed in on me in spite of its vastness’

yet, Allah will make it spacious

and ease may come from where you don’t expect

a man might have too much trouble finding a wife as his marriage proposals had been rejected

one after another

and then, someone may come and offer him a good, righteous wife whose offspring are blessed

so, have good thoughts about Allah, and never feel despair

brother, the affairs of this life are no big deal

but, the most important are those of the Hereafter

All the affairs of this life can be easy

As in the known supplication: “and let not worldly affairs be our greatest concern”

if you searched for a job to no avail

if you are looking for a wife but still haven’t found one, if you wish you could buy a car

let not the affairs of this life be your principal concern

don’t say: life had become hard for me

some (out of despair) may say: ‘I don’t know how I would pray anymore’

don’t make such concern your goal and purpose of life

that you see nothing but it

some of the seekers of knowledge devote themselves to it, and, in return, Allah may increase them abundantly in knowledge

And some others Allah may increase in devotion, in sincere remembrance of Allah and gratitude to Him then He tests them with some of these worldly needs

and they set their minds on these earthly things

and this is from the evil plans of Satan for man

so let the guided believer beware

Your Biggest Concern

make the Hereafter your biggest concern

and your ultimate goal and request from Allah

and this doesn’t mean that we put the benefits of this life out of our minds

we just say don’t make it your biggest concern

As Satan tricks man

that one, we seek refuge in Allah from it, may lose humility in their prayer and the presence of his heart

and they get distracted

And for what? For this life which is nothing but debris! For the provision of this world!

Beware of that! Beware of that!

After you have striven with all means possible to acquire something and have put in too much effort to no avail, still think well of Allah and hope good from Him

As there is a great wisdom behind everything Allah has created and destined

there are some people Allah make easy for them the affairs of this world, and to Him they are grateful

They do good deeds, obey their Lord and fear Him.

and this is the grace of Allah which He grants to whomever he wants

and of them are those whom Allah made life hard for them

but He compensates them with something better; i.e. strong faith, comfort, guidance and joy in worshipping Him and in abiding by His orders

there is no trial that afflicts in this world, then you seek Allah’s compensation, unless it will be good in your religion, life, and the Hereafter

Expect reward from Allah from this trial and beware of allowing Satan a way against you

As he is desperately seeking a wife Satan tries to trick him

he will make him say: I fear trials, I fear from being put to trial in my religion

yes, one fears to be overtaken by trials

But beware of having bad expectations from Allah (Exalted be He)

If you have desperately looked for a wife and put forth the best effort and it hasn’t been obtainable for you, then will you be able to defy fate?

there’s nothing to do but be patient

if an affair of this world’s is not obtainable for you beware of letting the Satan trick you

It can take a month or a year to find a wife

and during this time one focuses his concerns on this issue, allowing Satan to trick him

Satan comes as an advisor, but what advice will he give him?

He for sure triggers him to commit evil, not good

Coming to him whispering: “How can you seek religious knowledge with all these trials and tribulations?”

and he begins to trick him into making a big deal out of it

By Allah, if you direct your heart to your Lord, He will direct good to you

and if you set your mind on these affairs, making a big deal out of them

saying: “Earth closed in on me  despite its vastness”

Is it because you haven’t find a wife?!

Where have you been your whole life before getting married?

O brother, despair only when you lose your faith

The earth seems constrained for the believer, for the ally of Allah, when he sees a deprived, sad, or a destitute one and he can’t give them what they need

The earth seems constrained for him when he sees righteous believers are racing in acts of worship, striving and competing with one another in doing righteous deeds

then he cries in grief, pain fearing that he may miss the good of the Hereafter

only then the earth constrained for them

make the Hereafter your principal concern and the ultimate limit of your knowledge

The earth closes in on you despite its vastness when you miss something that brings you closer to Allah

as for this world, with all its sorrows, difficulties, concerns and cares – don’t let your mind to be occupied by it, don’t let it distract you and turn you away from you Lord

don’t let it delude you and consume your life

Tricks of Satan

Beware of being tricked by the devil!

rather what you really need is unshaken faith, steadfastness and determination, and having good expectations from Allah

brother, be sincere towards Allah, and Allah will fulfill your need

As a rule of thumb, the happiest people on earth are those who exert the effort to acquire something and, despite not reaching it, never lose good thoughts and expectations of the Lord of lords

Have strong faith in Allah as Allah loves the strong believer

and it is from the strength of one’s faith that the believer never broken and despair over a worldly affair

Keep your determination unshaken and your thoughts and expectations of Allah good

then the love of Allah settles in the heart of the slave, putting his trust in Him

and maybe he once attended a circle or listened to a khutbah about having good thought of Allah

then he wanted to be one of those having good thoughts of Allah

before Allah trying him by a calamity to test his good thoughts of Him

he searches for a job and Allah delays it

he seeks promotion and it is delayed

he seeks the doors of provision, and they are closed on him

he strives with all means possible but to no avail

in order to be tested in what was in his heart of having good thoughts and expectations of Allah

“Allah would not leave the believers in that [state] you are in [presently] until He separates the evil from the good, Nor would Allah reveal to you the unseen” (Aal `Imran 3:179)

All Worries of this World Are Tests

these are all tests

and this life is actually a series of tests

A series of trials and tribulations, and he who know this are guided in the path to Allah (Exalted be He) and will succeed

So, seek knowledge with insight and proper understanding and you will be aided and guided

O Allah, we ask You for knowledge that draws us closer to You

O Allah, let not worldly affairs be our greatest concern, the ultimate limit of our knowledge, or our ultimate wish or desire

O Allah, we complain to you of our weakness and our helplessness

O Allah, provide for us, for you are the Best of Providers

and open for us the doors of your grace. O the Best of Deliverers.

O Allah, open for us the doors of your grace in worldly affairs and in religion

and grant us Your love and pleasure. O Most-Merciful of those who have mercy.

O Allah, make us of those who desire good that You guided, set aright and helped

O Allah, don’t make us of those who desire evil

O Allah, don’t make us of those who desire and seek evil

O Allah, keep the evil, its people, its ways and causes away from us

and don’t give the Satan a way against us

O Allah, keep us in Your protection

O Allah, keep us in Your protection until we meet You on the Day of Judgment when you are pleased with us

O Allah, let not our hearts deviate after you have guided us

and grant us a mercy from you, You are the Bestower

We ask You for asceticism in this life, in the way that you be pleased with us, and we ask You for the desire for the Hereafter in a way that brings us closer to You, so that we may deserve Your love

O Most-Merciful of those who have mercy

Exalted is your Lord, the Lord of Might, above what they describe, And peace upon the messengers.

and all praises is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds

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