Who hijacked Islam??!
Who hijacked my religion?
No but seriously, who hijacked my religion?
I mean, when I turn on the TV and I see this guy explaining Islam, but he is talking nonsense!
I’m like “what religion is this guy talking about?”
Not only we don’t have any idea what this guy is saying, but he is not even a muslim!
It’s like getting a Hindu guy to teach Christianity.
Seriously, where do they get these characters from??
It’s even funnier how they give them the title of “experts”.
Just because you wrote a book about Muslims, doesn’t make you an expert!
And don’t get me wrong, it’s not just the non-Muslims, they even though confuse Muslims on TV!!
Somehow they keep finding these people who have little or no knowledge of their religion.
They show on scribbling nonsense and talking all crazy, talking about killing and murdering!
Instead of basing their actions on Islam.
You hear all kinds of crazy stuff!!
Like these speeches are pushing people towards their [nationalistic] movements.
There is no nationalism in Islam…

Enjoy watching this video by Baba Ali that talks about Islam and how it is being misrepresented and its facts are falsified for the benefit of its enemy who seek to drive people away from its guidance

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