Deviation in Western Countries (Part 2)

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In each country, there’re still some good people, there’re still some discipline people, there’re still some moral ones. What I’m talking about is the vast majority

Deviation in Western Countries (Part 2)

When I was in the United States, I was told about the story of a young man who loved his neighbours’ daughter

Consulting his father about marrying her, he replied: “O son, beware of this marriage! She is your sister but your mother knows not about it.”

It’s the fact that his father was a womanizer. When the son consulted his father again about another girl, he gave the same reply.

And he gave the same reply about a third girl

He then complained to his mother who told him “Choose the girl you want to marry; you are not his son but he knows not.”

I fear you misunderstand my talk as a generalization. I don’t generalize. Generalization is a form of ignorance,

In each country, there’re still some good people, there’re still some discipline people, there’re still some moral ones

What I’m talking about is the vast majority

I’m talking about is the vast majority as I live in a society where there’re still morals,

where there’s still chivalry, but the point is: the past societies’ morals are not found today

Nonetheless, the law is above all. There are equal opportunities and specific standards by which people now are evaluated

All these are positive points, this is why they are powerful

dominating the whole world

Therefore, the noted great scholar, Ibn Taimiyyah, said,

“Allah allows the just non-Muslim state to gain victory over the unjust Muslims state.”

A just unbelieving nation may continue to prosper, whereas a believing and unjust nation may fail.

That’s a fact, the bitter truth. All I wish with every cell in my body and every drop of my blood,

that we combine authenticity and values.

I probably visited America six times.

On my last visit, I went to visit Islamic organizations and Islamic institutes

Old rules changed now are different

If one is sure that he will live and practice their faith in the Western countries, so there is no harm in it

But if the price of living there is to leave behind one’s religion

and all one’s values, then it’s ​​better to stay in your country

I remember Sheikh Qaradawi (may Allah protect him) saying that if you cannot ensure that your grandson will be Muslim

then it is not permissible to stay in these countries where religion is unconsciously unwelcome

Undoubtedly, there’re descent families, but the majority…

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