Does Islam Wrong Women?

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Enjoy watching this video by Sheikh Abdur-Raheem Green to know the perfect answer to the big question: Does Islam wrong women?

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The issue of women, their status, rights and duties in Islam is an argumentative issue that has caused a great deal of confusion about Islam.

The truth is as simple as that Islam does not even care about gender. Being a man or a woman does not rule either of them out of the general instructions that have been fairly imposed in Islam.

The only criterion is righteousness in its broad meaning. The below verse which maintains this fact addresses both sexes, as found in its commencement, to clear any doubt that Islam sides with any one of them. Almighty Allah says,

O you mankind, surely We created you of a male and a female, and We have made you races and tribes that you may get mutually acquainted. Surely the most honorable among you in the Providence of Allah are the most pious; surely Allah is Ever-Knowing, Ever-Cognizant. (Al-Hujurat 49:13)

The testimony of faith, prayer, Zakah (obligatory charity), fasting and Hajj (pilgrimage), that are the five pillars of Islam, are equally imposed on men and women.

The five pillars of the Islamic creed are obliged on both. The alleged Islamic injustice against women, which some people claim, is in fact brought up through their twisted perspectives.

And Islam has nothing with other people’s criteria or perspectives because it has its own. This is tackled in this interesting video by Sheikh Abdur-Raheem Green as he clarifies to us how Islam does not side with any sex or race.

Enjoy watching this video by Sheikh Abdur-Raheem Green to know the perfect answer to the big question: Does Islam wrong women?


Source: Taken from the Digital Mimbar Youtube Channel

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