Men and Women in Islam: Who Is Preferred?

Added by on 08/03/2016

Is there something better than worldwide called for ‘Gender Equality’? On ‘equality between men and women’, Islam provides something far better than just equality.

‘Equality’, ‘gender equality’, ‘right to equality’, ‘equality between men and women’ are all resonant terms stated in constitutions and worldwide declarations of human rights that no nation, or individual, is unfamiliar with. All of us defend such equality and call for it. It’s an unquestionable human right we all back, is not it?

But, is there something better than equality? Could we have something better than that EQUAL?

Yes! Concerning ‘equality between men and women’ or ‘gender equality’, Islam provides something far better than equality.

It’s not abstract ideas or opinions nor pro-Islamic bias. It’s the eye of the truth.

Watch that noteworthy talk by Sheikh Yusuf Estes‎ unfolding the reality about the subject of ‘equality: men vs. women’. Here Sheikh Yusuf, on a deeper level, explains how Islam in essence goes beyond that called for gender equality.

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