Abu Bakr: What Did He seek in Life?

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No matter how much it costs, for Abu Bakr the trade is beyond price. This is what neither Ummayah nor anyone else can see!

Abu Bakr...the Exemplar of True Believer

Life, in the shade of the Islamic Creed, has taught me not to miss an opportunity for an act of obedience

As after every movement comes stillness and after every night comes a new day

May Allah have mercy on Abu Bakr, when the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked:

“Who amongst you is fasting today?” Abu Bakr said: ‘I am.’ The Prophet again asked: “Who amongst you followed a funeral procession today?” Abu Bakr said: ‘I did.’ He (the Prophet) again asked: “Who amongst you has today visited the sick?”

Abu Bakr said: ‘I did.’ The Prophet said, “Who amongst you gave in charity to the needy?” Abu Bakr said: ‘I did.’ Thereupon, Allah’s Messenger said: “Anyone in whom these good deeds are combined will certainly enter paradise.”

Who among people is like you; walking at a moderate pace, and yet be the first one to show up!

Abu Bakr went out after visiting the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and was just a few days into Islam

Yet he came back leading the first community of Muslims

He came back bringing to Islam six of the ten Companions who were given the good tidings of entering Paradise, coming on the Day of Judgment and they are added to his record of good deeds

While some of us may live a lifetime without bringing anyone into Islam

To Allah we complain our weakness and shortcoming

And what’s more, one day he was passing by when he heard Bilal who was severely tortured in the desert of Makkah,

crying out, “Ahad, Ahad”.  He said to him, “Allah, Al-Ahad (the One and Only), will save you

He saw this as an opportunity to save those weak men from being put to trial because of their religion

He sacrificed his business and trade and came to Ummayah ibn Khalaf and asked, “Would you sell Bilal to me?” He answered, “Ok, he is not a profitable commodity anyway!”

After selling Bilal for five ounces of gold Umayyah said to Abu Bakr, “If you had refused to buy him except for one ounce of gold, I would have sold him to you!”

Abu Bakr replied, “By Allah, if you had refused to sell him except for a hundred ounces, I would have paid it!”

No matter how much it costs, for Abu Bakr the trade is beyond price. This is what neither Ummayah nor anyone else can see

May Allah be pleased with him

The Pleasure of Allah

When his father asked him, “Why don’t you liberate strong and young slaves, who could be a source of strength for you?

He replied, “O father, I have another goal!”

What did Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) want?

He wanted what is with Allah, He sought His pleasure, he sought the abode of the Hereafter

People then said he didn’t set Bilal free except that he owes Bilal!

Meaning returning a favor Bilal might have done him sometime

Then comes the decisive answer from Allah:

“And not giving for anyone who has done him a favor to be rewarded . But only seeking the pleasure of his Lord, the Most High. And he is going to be satisfied.” (Al-A`la 92:19-21)..

May Allah be pleased with him

He was the first to take advantage of every opportunity to do good




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