Prayer of the Last Third of the Night

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There are people who used to wake up every night, even in other times than Ramadan before the call to Fajr prayer, to  take advantage of this great time 

Prayer of the Last Third of the Night

If you are from the people who pray during the last third of night,

who  used to wake up close to the end of the night, you are at the best time of  night

And then you will have a strong weapon in your hands

It is the time of Divine Descendance where supplications are answered

Some people take advantage of this time, by complaining to Allah about those who oppressed them

which is their right to do.

Allah the Almighty guaranteed this right for them.

It was narrated that a minister oppressed an old woman

He took away her wealth and possessions

So, she went to him crying and complaining of his injustice, yet he didn’t give  back her right

She then said: I will pray against you

He started laughing and mocking her

and said mockingly: Then you should do so at the last third of night

How come you mock  supplication, and despise it, when you don’t even realize what supplication can do.

The arrows of night “supplications” never miss, rather they have a timing that will surely come.

The old woman went away, and kept praying  at the last third of night

to Allah against him. Then after a short period,  the ruler removed this unjust minister from his position

Then, his properties and possessions were taken from him and was sentenced to be whipped in the market as a punishment for what he had done with people.

The old woman passed by him while he was being whipped, and said: You have advised me to supplicate at the last third of  night, and indeed it was good advice

Do not ever oppress people if you were powerful, as the consequence of oppression is regret.

Your sleep to your full, while the one whom you abused  are full awake, praying Allah for revenge, and Allah never goes in sleep.

Glory be to him; indeed, the last third of night is such a dangerous time for the oppressors

Let them be aware!

There are people who used to wake up every night, even in other times than Ramadan before the call to Fajr prayer, to  take advantage of this great time

They might remember those who  oppressed them, and supplicate to Allah against them, and this is such a crisis

That’s why you should be aware not to harm the people who pray at the last third of night

Don’t hurt them, as they own a weapon that is not to despised

Imam Ali  Ibn abi Talib (May Allah bless him) was asked: How far is earth from  Allah’s Throne?

Subhana Allah, he didn’t give them the answer in a number of kilometres, or miles

Do you know what he said?

He said: Only a supplication from an oppressed person is between us and the Throne

Indeed, by Allah

So, imagine if it was at the last time of night

Whoever used to wake up at the last third of  night and tastes its sweetness will never abandon it

Saeed ibn Jubair  was a man of an answered supplication

If he calls Allah for something, Allah fulfills his call

And he had a rooster that awakes him every night to pray

To taste the sweetness of the last third of night

Once upon a night, the rooster didn’t crow

So, Saeed missed that night, and felt sad for missing that night

And when his sadness grew, he said: What is wrong with this rooster? May Allah cut off its  voice!

People said this rooster never  crowed till it died

It was hit by one of Saeed’s supplications

Saeed’s mother asked him  not to supplicate against any person, even against a rooster

I remember, by Allah, that we used to record some TV programs at that time

We used to  record at the last third of night

And we found blessings and divine support that we wouldn’t find at other times

Even when we faced a  an issue with  recording, each one of the teamwork would supplicate to Allah at that  time

It was just  minutes and the problems were resolved

In short, the last third of night is a blessing

Few servants take advantage of  this time, while others are either asleep or busy, so try to be one of such few people!

As you don’t know at which night Allah will accept  your supplication and admit you into heaven

Not only in Ramadan, but all year round

I ask Allah the Almighty to make it this night

Sooner and not later


And All Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds



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