Warning against Arguing with Fools

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This is a warning against arguing with the fools. One should overshadow them not engaging in their arguments.They should not be cared about

Warning against Arguing with Fools

In Arabic, the word means to dispute or argue

And it is a characteristic of the fool

And foolishness also means lightness (Weighing little)

As they say “a light dress” meaning made of thin material

Accordingly, the foolish is the light-minded

Therefore, he only argues with the foolish

Arguing too much; he would rather engage in disputes and debates

Of course, if they do this intending to lead people to truth and righteousness, they are rewarded for their good intention

But that is not the case with them. They would rather look for anything to argue about

And if people oppose him, he discourages them and – I seek refuge in Allah- make little of them

That’s why Allah said to His Prophet: “So patiently persevere: for verily the promise of Allah is true: nor let those shake your firmness, who have themselves no certainty of faith.” (Ar-Rum 30:60)

Those fools and riffraff should not be cared about as knowledge is withheld from them

One should overshadow them not engaging in their arguments

For the fool, dispute is a type of disorder. We ask Allah for well-being

If one has nothing- we ask Allah for well-being-, he disputes and doubts even when proof comes to them

They dispute for nothing, it is because of their mental deficiency

As the purpose of any dispute is to find the truth

Other than this, it is foolishness and light-mindedness

As the sound mind prevents one from engaging in such empty talks



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