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How Did Ismaeel Chartier, US. Champion Wrestler, Convert to Islam?

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When did Imam Ismaeel Chartier decide to become Muslim? What did he feel after his conversion to Islam? How was his relation with his wife? How did she react to his decision to become Muslim?

How Did Vince Focarelli, Former Italian Gangster, Embrace Islam?

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Vince Focarelli, the former most notorious Italian gangster in Australia, who survived six assassination attempts on his life including one in which his son was killed, has changed his life and changed his name to Imr...

Sonny Bill Williams: “Islam Has Made Me a Lot Happier”

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When asked about what the Muslim faith has done for him and what it has given him, the world's best Rugby Player Sonny Bill Williams from New Zealand, gave the following amazing answer:

Why Did the British Scientist, Arthur J. Ellison, Revert to Islam? (1/10)

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At the end of the closing session, Arthur J. Ellison takes the podium and, to the surprise of everyone; he declares his reversion to Islam.

Why Did Baba Ali Accept Islam?

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How did Baba `Ali find Islam? What stages did he go through? How does it feel being a Muslim now? How is his life as a new Muslim now?

Why Did Muhammad Ali Convert to Islam?

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When did Muhammad Ali convert to Islam? How did he convert to Islam? Watch this video to know more about Muhammad Ali's conversion to Islam.

German Man Converts to Islam on Deathbed

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The man in the video is a 75-year-old German who has converted to Islam on his deathbed. After the testimony, the son recited the call to prayer (adhan)

How Yvonne Ridley Became a Muslim

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Watch this video to know how former Taliban captive, Yvonne Ridley, converted to Islam.

Pilot Converts to Islam in the Sky

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This is a video clip of a blonde, co-pilot accepting Islam, 18,800 feet from the cockpit of an airplane.

Why Did a Christian Ph.D. Theologian of the Bible Embrace Islam?

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Why did Dr. Angel, who has a PhD in Theology and Masters in Electronic Engineering and Associates in Mental Health, embrace Islam?

A Christian Scholar Converts to Islam: Why?

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Enjoy watching this video to know more about the religious life story of this ex-Christian scholar who embraced Islam after persistent search.

How Idris Tawfiq, a British Catholic Priest, Converted to Islam

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Wonderful Story about former Catholic Priest who used to work in Vatican and left all that for Islam after he found the right Path to the Truth.

A British Christian Accepts Islam Because of the Quran

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By Editorial Staff Why did Simon, a British Christian man accept Islam? What attracted him most to Islam? What does he have to say about the Quran and how its simplicity and straightforwardness? What is Simo...

Give Me a Reason to Be Muslim?

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By Editorial Staff In this video, 10 reasons are given which explain why we should embrace Islam. 1- Islam gives clear and rational answers to the questions in one's mind. 2- Islam takes the human nature into c...

Julian: I Never Wanted to Become a Muslim or Practice Islam

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What made brother Julian from France to think about the purpose of life? In which religion did Julian find the answer to his question about the purpose of life? Watch this very short video to know how brother Julian accepted the truth of Islam.

Anti-Islam Politician, Joram van Klaveren, Converts to Islam

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What made anti-Islam politician, Joram van Klaveren, Convert to Islam? What did he say about the Quran? What did he discover after writing a book against Islam?

How Did Suhaib Webb Convert to Islam?

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Can God be a man? Can God have a son? Who is Allah? Watch this video to know how Imam Suhaib Webb reacted to these questions and how converted to Islam.

How Did Dr. Ingrid Mattson Become Muslim?

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How did Dr. Ingrid Mattson become Muslim? Did she know anything about Islam?Did she have any faith in God? What was her encounter with Muslims? Watch...

Who Are the Celebrities Who Converted to Islam?

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The video includes a number of notable people who converted to Islam from a different religion or no religion.

Dr. Jerald F. Dirks, a Christian Minister, Converts to Islam (Part 1)

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He is on the DeenShow this week to share his story on Why he accept Islam, the last religion revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).