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God Preservation

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Life has taught me that if you are watchful of Allah, then Allah will protect you. Whoever abides by Allah’s commandments, avoids prohibitions and does not transgress the ordained limits of Allah, then Allah will protect him.

Alp Arslan: Sultan of the Great Seljuk

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This is Alp Arslan, the Muslim courageous young man; the believer in Allah. learn about the man who spent his life fighting until he met Allah with unbeatable faith.

The Key to Success

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It is the Sunnah of Allah that whoever has a good intention and acts on it he is to succeed and achieve what he aspires to and more by permission of their Lord.

The Liar Mechanic

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The Prophet (peace be on him) said: “Deceiving a mustarsal (an unknowing entrant into the market) is riba.”

Is the Quran a Book of Terrorism?

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Does the Quran really teach terrorism and encourage Muslims to kill Christians and Jews? Click here to find the answer to this question.

What Is the Stance of Islam Regarding Terrorism?

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In this show Eddie and Dr Sabeel have a nice friendly Dialogue with Frank From the Frank Avila Show. He asks some questions about Islam and its being associated with terrorism and also some questions about women in Islam and other things.

Thoughts on New Zealand Mosque Massacre

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In this video, Dr. Yasir Qadhi speaks about the Christchurch Mosque massacre in New Zealand. He discusses the reasons behind this incidents which are Islamophobia and hatred speech.

How to Find Happiness

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True happiness does not mean having many belongings or possessing a lot of wealth. But true happiness is the contentment of the heart and richness of the soul.

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

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Did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ask Muslims to kill non-Muslims? How did Prophet Muhammad deal with his opponents? Watch this video roduced by TalkIslam in response to Jaclyn Glenn's video about Islam and peace.

What Is Islamophobia?

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Wars, terrorist attacks, and victims falling dead everywhere, then they are the ones getting all the blame. This happens only against the followers of one religion: and you know which one: Islam. Muslims get murder...

How to Heighten Spirituality through Mastery of Science

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In this long video, Dr. Muhammad Salah gives a big meal of information about the connection between Islam and science that everyone needs to be aware of.

Between Love of Allah and Love of Oneself

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Enjoy watching this video by Hamzah Tzortzis to know more about the relationship between loving oneself and the love of Allah and His Messenger.

Do Animals Have Rights in Islam?

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In this clip, we offer an aspect of the Ihsan (excellency) that Islam has enjoined in terms of treating the animals. You may compare it with the practices of the nations who claim to reach the highest level of civilization.

The Etiquette of Giving Opinion in Islam

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Enjoy watching this video to know much about the Islamic consideration of the other and the importance to respect their views even if one disagrees with them.

The Golden Age of Islam

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Who led the mechanical foundations for motors? Who invented the time telling machine? Who was the founder of algebra and algorithm? Watch this video to know more about the golden age of Islam.

How Islam Views Fundamentalism and Terrorism

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Enjoy watching this interesting talk by Dr. Zakir Naik to know more about the position of Islam concerning terrorism, Jihad and fundamentalism.

Morality in Islam

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In this video, brother Yassir Fazzaga speaker talks about the meanings of the concepts of morality and immorality and explains the blessings of morality and the bad consequences of immorality.

How Did Islam Abolish Slavery?

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What is slavery? What did Islam do to abolish it? Watch this video to get the answer to these questions and others.  

Rights of Animals in Islam

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Enjoy watching this precious Friday sermon to know how Islam deals with the rights of animals and the utmost care that Islam has given to them.

What Is the Relation between Terrorism and Islam?

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Dr. Waleed Basyouni clarifies that the statement "all Muslims not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims" is untrue because there is a lot of extreme groups who are not Muslims.