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Who Hijacked Islam??

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PLEASE RATE ALL VIDEOS - NEW VIDEO EACH FRIDAY! I turn on the TV and I'm amazed the type of characters they have explaining my religion to the masses. No wonder the world is confused about Islam

What Does Islam Say about Terrorism?

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This film, produced by the Science Research Foundation, a Harun Yahya institution, presents the Muslim response to and denunciation of terrorism. Beginning with the event of September 11, the film explains that all kinds of violence against civilians are crimes against humanity and grave sins in religious terms.

Terrorism Has No Religion

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Are you sick of being lied to? come to the source to learn the truth about Islam and Muslims

What Is the Stance of Islam Regarding Terrorism?

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Dr Sabeel have a nice friendly Dialogue with Frank

What Is Jihad in Islam?

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Jihad On Terror, with Arabic

Does Islam Justify Violence?

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Doesn’t the Qur’an talk about fighting, killing disbelievers? What does this mean? Isn’t this wrong-doing? Why then does Islam promote it? Nouman Ali Khan answers here...

Tolerance in Islam

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Enjoy watching this video by Sheikh Yusuf Estes as well as a clique of Muslim scholars talking about the concept of tolerance in Islam and its manifestations in the Islamic instructions.

Islam: A Way of Life

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Sheikh Abdurraheem Green talks about how Islam views life in comparison with the materialistic view that supports evolution and other atheistic theories.

What Is the Relation between Terrorism and Islam?

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Dr. Waleed Basyouni clarifies that the statement "all Muslims not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims" is untrue because there is a lot of extreme groups who are not Muslims.

Terrorism in the Qur’an

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Terrorism in the Qur'an- Does the Qur'an really teach and encourage Muslims to kill Christians and Jews? Click here to find the answer to this question.

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

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By Editorial Staff Jaclyn Glenn made a video in which she described Islam as a religion of violence and that it is not a religion of peace. She made false claims against Islam and Muslims. Now, did Prophet Muhamma...

Morality in Islam

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In this video, brother Yassir Fazzaga speaker talks about the meanings of the concepts of morality and immorality and explains the blessings of morality and the bad consequences of immorality.

How Islam Views Fundamentalism and Terrorism

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Enjoy watching this interesting talk by Dr. Zakir Naik to know more about the position of Islam concerning terrorism, Jihad and fundamentalism.