Dialogue with an Atheist (1/2)

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What in the world that does come by chance? There must be a creator behind that creation and he must be unlike the created things.

By Editorial Staff

Many are those who think that the whole universe has come to existence by coincidence. But, we need to give ourselves a time to think about this mater. What in the world that has come by coincidence? There must be a creator behind that creation, and that creator must be unlike the created things.

This video is a dialogue with someone who does not believe in God, an atheist. The dialogist tries to prove the existence of Allah by asking him to think a while about the earth, the stars, the sun, the moon, etc. How did they come to existence? Who did bring them about? Who did create them? Who does control and keep them in their cycle?

Follow us on this valuable discussion which answers many questions about God and the creation of the world.


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