One of the most circulated misconceptions is that Islam allows slavery and supports it. Those who believe in this allegation quote some narrations from the Prophet (peace be upon him) regarding slavery, and disseminate that Islam is against human rights and freedom. The fact is that this claim is totally wrong.

Islam has been in a world that adopted slavery centuries ago, and thus Islam take up an ideology that ensured the elimination of slavery without resorting to conflict and social wars. Islam enacted laws that made freeing slaves as means of getting close to God and expiation for sins. Also, it integrated them in the society and gave them the right to get their freedom through a special contract called mukatabah. Furthermore, Islam granted them equal rights similar to the free and considered that every person is equal in the sight of Allah regardless of anything else. In Islam, the only thing that raises a person’s status is his good morals and adherence to the teachings of Islam.

Enjoy watching this video that sheds light on the matter and gives you a better understanding of how slaves were treated in the time of the Prophet.


Source: Ghuraba Al Sunnah channel on

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