A Kingdom of Fire

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Rumors are like a kingdom of fire burning down societies. And this kingdom is built by only three people, each one is worse than the other...

A Kingdom of Fire…

Rumors are like a kingdom

A kingdom of fire burning down societies

And this kingdom is built by only three people

Each one is worse than the other

Two knights fight rumor and are able to defeat it

One of them is stronger than the other

As for the three people who build the kingdom of rumor, the first one is the one who creates the rumor

As he is the king of this kingdom

And he is the worst of them

The first and worst pillar of rumor is the one who starts the lie

He knows that this thing didn’t happen yet he creates it out of  nothing

whether it be a false story or news

Morphed photos and videos that have nothing to do with real ones

So that people believe something that is not true, and so on

Whether it is done with good or evil intent  the Islamic ruling on it remains unchanged

Rumor is a form of lying

And lying is considered a major sin – in other words, it is unlawful

And after this person started this lie or rumor it went viral

He who does this will regret it and suffer forever

How is that?

Didn’t you know what is the punishment for those spreading rumors ?

You haven’t heard about what will happen to them, have you?

By Allah, it’s a horrible scene

I will describe it to you

But it is disturbing that some may not want to hear

It’s not for the faint of heart

What happens to the one who makes up false rumors?

What happens to him?

The Prophet (peace be upon him) saw in his dreams some of what happens in the grave and the life after death

And the dreams of prophets are true

He saw that he was with two angles, and they came to a man who was lying face down, and another man standing over his head with an iron hook

This is the hook

Which is a curved piece of metal which is used for hanging meat on it

Then the man standing would put the hook in one side of the man’s face

meaning putting the hook in the man’s mouth

He said: “he would tear off the side of his face to the back of the neck”

Meaning he splits his mouth until he reaches the back of his neck

“And similarly tear his nose from the front to the back”

He puts the hook in his nose then splits it to the back of his neck, “and then his eye from front to the back of his neck”

I seek refuge in Allah

He said: “then he turns to the other side of the man’s face”

Meaning he put the hook on the other side of the face

“And did just as he has done with the first side”

“He had hardly completed that second side of his face”

“When the first side returned to its normal state”

The side that was torn off heals and returns as it was before

“He said: “And then he returned to it to repeat what he had done before”

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) saw this horrible scene he said: ‘Subhan Allah! Who are these two persons?

The angles said to him “it is a man who goes out of his house in the morning and  tells lies that spread all over the world”

Meaning it spreads rapidly

Is the lie worth all this?

What is your reason for making up this rumor?

Why are you doing this to yourself?

Is it for the sake of money?

Do you want to harm one of your rivals?

Do you want to improve someone’s image?

Or even if you do it just for fun

Whatever the reason is, it is not worth doing such horrible torture to your face

And it’s not for once, twice, or for a month or two

Only Allah knows how long will this last –  in begins in the grave till the Day of Resurrection

Nobody knows how long

Maybe hundreds or thousands of years

Have mercy on yourself. By Allah,  it will not bear such torture!

Lying is a major sin

And notice, subhan Allah, as the liar, with their fake news and lies, distort the truth about someone of something

Allah distorts their face with torture

As they sow, so let them reap

We seek refuge in Allah’s

This is the first pillar of the kingdom of rumors

The king, the one who makes up and starts a rumor

The second pillar/person in this kingdom is the soldier

those who convey the rumor

While being not the rumor maker – he didn’t make it up

He spares no effort in spreading it

it spreads like wildfire

And in the age of social media we live in

A rumor conveyor may himself play as an automated device for spreading lies and gossip

As if he was a news station

quickly spreading and circulating rumors across the internet platforms

Someone might say: ‘but i didn’t lie’

‘I just like to share interesting stuff’

Yes, I didn’t verify it,’

But I love to share it with other people to see and hear what I have saw and heard when

I didn’t lie, I just shared it!

You did lie.

And the Prophet (peace be upon him) affirmed this ..

The Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) said: “It is enough of a lie for a man that he narrates everything he hears.”

Meaning it is enough for a person to prove himself a liar when he relates and speaks of everything he hears

Someone might say: ‘but I am not a detective to identify and spot a piece of information or a rumor sharing it

You’re right

Not a detective, you then don’t spread or talk about everything you hear!




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