Story of Prophet Lut

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The below video tells us more about the story of Prophet Lut with his people, his missionary efforts and the punishment of Allah against them.

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Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) is a nephew of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham, peace be upon him). He followed Ibrahim and assisted him and finally migrated with Ibrahim to the Levant when he was exposed to abuse from his people. The Qur’an says,

And Lot believed him. [Abraham] said, “Indeed, I will emigrate to [the service of] my Lord. Indeed, He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.” (Al-`Ankabut 29:26)

When they arrived at the Levant, the command came from God to entrust Lut with Prophethood. He was sent to Sodom and the places around to call their people to the pure message of monotheism, enjoin them with the good and warn them against corruption, wrongdoings and the unprecedented immoralities they were accustomed to. The Qur’an described a part of their vices and abominations as saying,

And [mention] Lot, when he said to his people, “Indeed, you commit such immorality as no one has preceded you with from among the worlds. Indeed, you approach men and obstruct the road and commit in your meetings [every] evil.” And the answer of his people was not but they said, “Bring us the punishment of Allah , if you should be of the truthful.” He said, “My Lord, support me against the corrupting people.” (Al-`Ankabut 29:28-30)

The people of Sodom transgressed all the limits and perpetrated the gravest kinds of atrocities and immoralities and the worst thing is that they would commit their evil deeds in the open without any shyness or a sense of shame. They also would rob the travelers, cause corruption in the land and commit homosexuality overtly. They did not respond to Lut’s advice and continued in their misbehaviors and evil deeds. Therefore, they were subject to an unheard punishment from Allah.

The below video tells us more about the story of Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) with his people, his missionary efforts with them and the punishment of Allah against them at the end.

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Source: Islamic Guidance Youtube Channel

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