Beware of the Talebearer

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The talebearer is an envier, a backbiter, a liar, and a wrongdoer. That’s why the graves of some Muslims under the ground burst into flames...

The talebearer is an envier, the talebearer is a backbiter, the talebearer is a liar, the talebearer is a wrongdoer

That’s why the graves of some Muslims under the ground burst into flames

because they easily engaged in tale-bearing

It is as easy as pie; people easily engage in it in the form of a chatter , a table talk, a coffee talk

A bite at a restaurant, phone-talks, chit-chats

They engage in it easily

Shall I give you an advice; you’d better not accompany so-and-so!  Why? That’s it, you hang up on him! That sinner!

He harmfully enflamed your heart without your even noticing

He is not a sincere advisor, but rather an evil doer

As Al-Kaba’ir are the major sins man commits

Those sinners Allah didn’t promise them a curse or a punishment

He is enrolled as an evil doer

The tale-bearer is an evil doer even if he has memorized the whole Qur’an

Particularly when he tolerates it



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